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Interactive Sreens [IAS]
by Humatic


Sync Studios, Filmsoundtrack Composers, Recording artists & Media artists ! Check Humatic's ChainGang tool for frame accurate full screen video synchronisation to your midi sequencer and for cool multi screen video installations with unlimited number of synced machines low costs!..

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tel +49 (0)30 536 8670
mobile:+49(0)175 999 2908
e-mail: voov@voov.de

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Welcome to automaticclubbing.com

NEWS: Dresden Cynet Art Festival : MindBox & DON'T DANCE two video triptychs by Humatic & Partners (http://mindbox.humatic.net http://dontdance.humatic.net) DD Hellerau 26-28 Nov 2009

Definition: Automatic Clubbing describes an event or installation in which the audience is invited to influence the presented media as sound, light, visuals etc. normally by utilisation of reactive (sometimes interactive) systems. In general the activities take place in context of a club, party, concert or dancefloor event, in a festival lounge or media center. Among other aspects automatic clubbing serves as a plattform for fresh media art even in more or less traditional clubbing context.
On of the CA goals is to involve all parts of your brain & body.
Rubber stamp designed by C.Couty manufactured in Jakarta 1997

History / Background: The original 'club automatique' was founded in 1997 by Olivier Schulbaum (F), Gerard Couty (F) and Jacques Bigot (F) and the name giving media artist Christian Graupner (G) alias VOOV. The group realised the first automatic clubbing event at the Ostranenie Festival 1997 / Bauhaus Dessau invited by Marko Kosnik / Egon March Institute (SL) for his spectacular 'Parahouse' environment.
After the group stopped their common activities. C. Graupner carried on to develop concepts for interactive screens (IAS) and automatic clubbing projects and realised some of them in different context together with Humatic Ldt, the maker of  software systems for highly reactive (hyper)media presentations.

Short list of selected automatic clubbing events & installations:

2LivesLeft (cynet art , berlin vj convention, neurotitan)
Radio G
Podelwil Boules Cup ds-x.org bolderbash
UprettyThing (stage visuals for live act)

3rd party: There is some rare information that old original 'club automatique' members used this name for their activities without CG's participation.

Since 2008 Thomas Dumke , director of the Dresden CyNetArt festival, is making use of the name 'automatique clubbing' for his club events formerly known as 'microscope sessions'. CG temporarely gave his authorisation for the uncommercial utilisation in this context. TD and CG agreed further common development of concepts and realisation.

2009: New AC events planned in cooperation with CG's brandnew PUMPEN music project. Stay tuned! Contact for cooperation.

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Impressum: VOOVsytems Handelsregistereintrag: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRA29857, Contact : Leuschnerdamm 19 10999 Berlin.